Skills assessment in Poitiers or Tours to start your professional reconversion

Do you want to change your job or your professional life?

During a professional career, questioning and doubts are frequent. Today, there are many solutions to guide you in your career choices and in your professional reorientation.

The skills assessment

The skills assessment is a tool that allows you to take stock of your professional skills and build a solid professional reorientation project.

Competence assessment professional reconversion

The objective of the skills assessment is to analyze your professional skills in order to better understand them, and thus to be able to put them forward during possible interviews. But it is also an opportunity to build a long-term project, which will guarantee your professional fulfillment by analyzing your priorities and your desires.

Professional orientation

Professional orientation is an important step in the personal and professional development of an individual. It is therefore essential to choose the right direction, or if not, to reorient oneself.

Professional retraining

Professional reconversion is an important choice, which must be thought out in advance. It can be done at any moment of your career, as for example, the most frequent case around the age of 40, and in any field, teaching, business, communication, management, finance, early childhood... Making a skills assessment in Poitiers or Tours can then be useful to determine which professional career would be the best fit for you.

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