Increase the MOZ DA (domain authority) of your site - improve your google ranking


Area Authority, or AA, measures the power of your website on a scale of 0 to 100. It is a number calculated by ranking sites against each other.

Increasingly, Google also evaluates the overall popularity of your website, through your content and links. It values its reliability, not just the content of the web page in question. So, on some very aggressive queries, a high domain authority may be essential to get your web page to rank higher.


I will improve and increase your DA MOZ (Domain Authority), and your ranking in Google.

???? Get in touch with an SEO expert.

???????????????? Sites whose DAI I have increased
July 11, 2021: // D to 62 (start DA: 11).
July 19, 2021: // DA to 70 (start DA: 7)
July 25, 2021 : // DA to 65 (start DA : 18)
August 03, 2021: // DA to 66 (start DA: 1)
August 10, 2021: // DA to 54 (start DA: 13)

???????????????? Example of AD of known sites
// DA from 55
// DA of 58
// DA from 65
// DA of 56
// DA of 42
// DA of 38
// DA of 53
// DA of 51
// DA of 58
// DA of 66
// DA per 51
// Analysis of 41 data

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⭐ My services are available to improve your website's authority and ranking in Google.

⭐ I am an SEO expert. I will improve the MozDA (Domain Authority), of your website by doing high quality manual 100% and 100% "White Hat" work, (no Google penalty) without affecting the "SPAM score" of your website.

⭐ I focus on creating strong connections that enable change, engage your audience and create impact.

➡️ Domain authority (or DA) measures the strength of your website on a scale of 0 to 100. calculates it by comparing Google's ranking of sites against each other.
50 is a very strong domain authority and therefore very popular. For example, // has a domain authority of 51.
Google considers your site stronger if it has a higher domain authority.

???? According to Google, Google's main ranking signals include content, links, and domain authority (DA).

➡️ Ranking in 2021 will be difficult due to the number of competitors. Backlinks (external links) and domain authority are the two main ranking factors for search engines. Therefore, it is important to have authoritative backlinks and high quality backlinks to improve your DA.

???? This method is safe for both new and old sites.

???? Without a penalty, your site will be protected from all Google updates.

???? Protect yourself against all Google updates

I am committed to delivering the promised results. If I do not increase your AD to the level you requested, I will return your order. There is no risk to you.

???????????????? Here are the two sites whose DA I increased to more than 50:
// Current DA as of 03/31/2021: 51
// Current DA as of 03/31/2021: 53

???????????????? Site on which I have increased my AD to over 50.
Current DA as of 03/31/2021: 54

Your URL is needed to help me work on your order to improve your domain authority. This URL must be your primary (home) URL. If in doubt, I can confirm it if necessary.

My work follows the GOOGLE rules.

My services include:
✔ Search Engine Optimization 100% White Hat
✔ 100% manual labor
✔ 100% Boost up
✔ 100% warranty
✔ 100% trusted sites
✔ 100% secure
✔ Do-Follow high quality links
✔ High Authority Sites
✔ Sites indexed by Google
✔ Top-notch support
✔ Spam-free work
✔ High quality work
✔ Domain authority has increased
✔ Domain Ranking Improvement.
✔ Top-notch support
✔ Website referencing
✔ Optimize your position on GOOGLE

➡️ Delivery
I will show you the before and after screenshots of your site, as well as a final screenshot to prove that it has been properly increased in domain authority (DA site).
You will also receive several independent sites for free so that you can check the site's DA and the work done.
You can reach me at any time during your order to ask questions.

➡️ Timeframe: Between 15 and 30 days, depending on your site history.

DA stands for Domain Authority, and is a MOZ product.
The Ahref domain evaluation is DR.
They are both completely different, but they do have an impact on your overall site ranking.
We work together on the DA (Domain Authority), but I also offer a service that improves your DR (domain rating).
Both are vital and should not be ignored.

➡️ source: //
Domain authority (or DA) measures the strength of your site on a scale of 0 to 100. calculates it by trying to replicate Google's ranking of sites against each other.

➡️ Here's how you can read the domain authority scale.

DA 10 = very low authority. It will be very easy to move up in priority if many sites are on the first page of this domain authority.
DA > 10 and DA 20, Low authority but "OK". Sites with a low reputation and decent content are considered as such. Their netliking is still low.
Authority OK. DA > 20 and DA 40: These sites have a good reputation and are linked to many other sites, so it will not be easy for them to be disavowed.
DA > 40 and DA < 60: Strong domain authority. This is a site such as which already has a good reputation.
DA > 60: High domain authority, like
DA > 80: Very high domain authority. They will be difficult to remove. Example: Wikipedia,, etc.
Google considers your site stronger if it has a higher domain authority.

➡️ Domain authority: why is it important for SEO?

Google used to rank web pages higher than websites a few years ago. SEO professionals used PageRank as the main metric.
Google is increasingly evaluating the overall reputation of your website through your content and netlinking. Google values trustworthiness, not just page content. High domain authority is necessary for highly competitive queries to help your page rise.

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Increase in MOZ DA

Get a DA above 20+, Get a DA above 30+, Get a DA above 40+, Get a DA above 50+.

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